Chicago International Charter School (CICS) has 14 campuses across the city and is committed to ensuring that every single CICS graduate can succeed in a rigorous four-year college or university. Like many large nonprofits that join BOC, CICS had taken advantage of a complimentary expense management review, which identified multiple expense categories where the organization could potentially save big with BOC.

Two years later, we’re thrilled to share that CICS is saving over $200,000 annually through their BOC membership in areas as diverse as energy, waste management, janitorial supplies, and general insurance. Although the organization explored landscaping and snow removal options, ultimately we determined together that there wasn’t enough cost savings overall in those areas.

CICS continues to maximize their BOC membership for multiple group programs and procurement projects, revolutionizing the way they manage expenses along the way. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what Dave Gershenson, Director of Operations at Chicago International Charter School, has to say about the value of their BOC membership:

“CICS serves 8,300 students at 14 schools across Chicago almost all in economically disadvantaged areas. We are committed to providing an excellent experience for our students which allows them to exceed in school and in life. We are entirely reliant on public funds and donations so every dollar counts.

When we joined The Back Office Cooperative in 2017 and began to examine ways to save money at our facilities, I knew it would be a great opportunity for CICS and our students.  So far, our BOC membership has yielded over $200,000 in annual savings on electricity, natural gas, waste management, pest control, janitorial supplies, and general insurance. And we continue to explore new areas like photocopiers, school supplies, and IT support.

Being a BOC member is about more than just saving money in the short-term. It’s about access to expertise that positions us for success long into the future.  For example, BOC’s category expert in janitorial supplies is a great though partner in many respects, not only pushing for better pricing and making sure we select the right products, but also resolving any issues I might have with the vendor and continuously looking for ways to fine tune the relationship.  BOC’s approach is comprehensive while also taking into consideration the unique needs of each school.

Having now done several projects as a BOC member, I can say that every category expert with whom I’ve engaged is committed to their craft, committed to their field, and committed to doing what’s right for my organization and my students. They really seem to share in our vision, and for that, all of us at CICS are truly grateful.”

We’re grateful for all that CICS is doing in our community. Learn more about their mission at and be sure to check out the video below!

Whether you’re already a BOC member, or are considering joining, contact us today to see if your organization could benefit from a complimentary expense management.