Join the Medical Billing Program

Streamline Your Billing and Receive More Payments Faster

The revenue cycle in healthcare can be challenging, even for nonprofits that do it well. But getting it right means getting paid quickly and collecting more of the total billed charges. This program provides you with an expert team that will help you submit accurate, properly coded claims leading to more predictable cash flow.

This program helps
our members:

  • Submit Accurate Claims

  • Maximize Revenue

  • Reduce Overhead Costs

  • Comply with Federal, State and Local Law Statutes and Regulations

  • Improve IT Security

The knowledge and savings that BOC generates for nonprofits allows them to increase impact in the communities they serve.

This Program Offers

Revenue Cycle Optimization
Protects Cashflow
Corrects Cashflow Leakage
Implementation Opportunities
Monitoring for New Opportunities

Fully HIPAA Compliant
Compliance Committee
Compliance Plan

Customer Service
Client Service Representatives
Patient Service Representatives

Expert Medical Billing Specialists
Reduce the internal workload with this program’s team of specialists that are well versed in compliance and coding. They reduce claim denials and help the billing process run smoothly.

Fees Based on Realized Revenue
Service fees are based on three factors: medical specialty, volume, and payer mix. Once calculated, our total fee is derived completely from realized revenue. There are no hidden fees.

Status Updates & Reporting
Progress Report Meetings Tailored to Your Needs
Enhanced Reporting

What People Are Saying

“We increased revenue by 20% in the first month, and the Medical Billing Program totally changed the way that we do our billing. Before then, it was a nightmare submitting claims by hand and dealing with bounce-backs. Now our claims go out faster and revenue comes in quicker.”

John Huber

Operations Supervisor

“One of the most significant advantages we discovered is that the team in charge of our claims is very responsive. We have immediate access to their expertise whenever we need it, and they are always willing to answer our questions. It’s great to have a partner who is proactive in resolving issues.”

“My cash flow has never been so good and predictable.”

“You make my life so much easier by handling my billing promptly and payments come in swiftly.”

Program Participant

“The staff is easily accessible and highly knowledgeable regarding all aspects of FQHC RCM. Their assistance with improving profitability has enabled us to promote the growth and stability of our organization.”

Program Participant

“The Customer Service Department always solves my billing problems and returns my calls promptly.”

Program Participant

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