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Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Trying to understand your organization’s energy cost, consumption, and the latest technology can be time consuming and frustrating. BOC energy subject matter experts provide the knowledge for complete energy management solutions to manage ongoing energy costs. The program includes pricing options from over 70 suppliers, untangling/solving billing problems, analyzing the value of energy efficiency projects, and introducing green solutions to any size organization.

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Solar Solutions are
Now Available to
Nonprofits of All Sizes

This Program Offers

Tracking of energy agreements and facility lease dates
Savings calculations and disclosure of fees & risks

Clean and Green
Energy efficiency recommendations
Renewable and carbon neutral options available

Solar Solutions
Community solar or capital investment provides solar opportunity for any size organization.

Review and explanation of contracting options
Participants do not delegate contract signing authority

Pricing & Fees
Best possible pricing from over 70 energy suppliers
Reduced management fees

Energy Procurement Expertise
Work with an industry expert who is focused on what’s best for your organization. Pricing, contracts, support and more.

Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk

We have helped over 160 nonprofits evaluate administrative costs, combine spends and reduce expenses without sacrificing service and quality. Many members have reduced costs by 15-25% annually. Believe us, it’s worth a call.

    What Our Members Are Saying

    “BOC has been a guiding light for finding sources of energy efficiencies and supporting Kenneth Young Center on green initiatives. Community solar has allowed us to help the environment while saving money.”


    Director of Environment of Care and Facilities 

    “For months we struggled to get our energy company to give us credits we were owed, and it was difficult to get the right people on the phone. BOC came in and was able to facilitate the process which saved us a lot of time and effort.”

    Bill Kritchevsky

    Chief Financial Officer