Join the Unemployment Savings Program

Fixed Unemployment Costs and Solutions that Minimize Liability

With an average of 6 million Americans unemployed each year, unemployment costs are one of the biggest expenses that organizations face.

Our Unemployment Savings Program eases this expense, providing a safe alternative to both SUI Tax and Reimbursement Financing that lowers unemployment costs, minimizes liability, and simplifies the employment lifecycle.

Issues with SUI Tax and Reimbursement Financing

State Employment Insurance (SUI) Tax and Reimbursement Financing each come with drawbacks.

As an employer-funded tax, the State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Tax continually proves itself as a disproportionate financial burden on nonprofits. Many nonprofits are overpaying and struggling to recoup those overages.

As an “opt-out” scheme, Reimbursement Financing can pose significant risks including an unexpected loss of funding, program closures and the wrath of economic crises.

One thing is clear: neither the SUI Tax nor Reimbursement Financing offer financial security to nonprofits.

The Safe Alternative

The Unemployment Savings Program is an alternative that’s tailored especially to your organization. The program offers comprehensive insurance coverage with stop-loss insurance limits for every employee depending on the organization’s size and experience.

It also includes an interest-bearing reserve account. Unlike the taxes paid into your SUI tax account with the state, this interest-bearing reserve account is yours and will be returned to you if you should ever decide to withdraw from the program. Your account balance can be considered an asset and recognized as such in your organization’s financial records.

Get access to state-compliant, individually assured options that reduce unemployment costs, safeguard budgets, and avoid unanticipated expenses. That means no pooled losses, no shared expenses, and no suffering from other members’ negative claim experiences.

What to Expect

Budgetary Certainty
No unexpected expenses and inflated unemployment costs – just one fixed rate each year.

Improved Cash Flow
Four equal quarterly payments help to keep your entity afloat with the cash it needs.

Surety Bonds
Complimentary mandated bonds services when opting into the program.

Professional Claims Management
A professional service to assist with claims validation, representation and more.

Designed for You
The tailored program with fees based on your unemployment experience and employment profile, leaving no shared risks or expenses.

Recruiting Tools
Complimentary job description builders, benefit document creators, salary comparisons and more.

Let’s Talk

We have helped over 160 nonprofits evaluate administrative costs, combine spends and reduce expenses without sacrificing service and quality. Many members have reduced costs by 15-25% annually. Believe us, it’s worth a call.