Directly or indirectly, so many of our members’ missions are dedicated to advancing equity and social justice. BOC stands with our members on these issues and supports this work.

BOC aims to make a real, positive impact on advancing equity through our dedicated business and supplier diversity program, which includes the following activities:

Program Partner Diversity

We invite minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs), including businesses with Black, indigenous, and people-of-color owners (BIPOC), to engage with the BOC community.

Partner Supplier Diversity

We also ensure that all new program partners adhere to a commitment to supplier diversity, which is part of our RFP process. We highlight these commitments of current partners and we assist other partners in determining how they can develop such a commitment.

Our Suppliers’ Commitments

Inclusive Individual Member RFPs

When a member uses BOC procurement services, we encourage them to incorporate their commitment to supplier diversity into the process. Members can also request any supplier responding to provide a statement of their own commitment.

Education and Resources

As a partner to the nonprofit community, we make supplier diversity a key theme in our content. We devote seminars to this topic, develop resources to help organizations improve their supplier diversity, and work to connect our members with more MWBEs.

Our mission is and has always been to increase our members’ impact in the communities they serve through a focus on optimizing cash flow. Improving and increasing opportunities for our diverse business community only enhances our ability to maintain the goal of our mission.

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