Our boutique approach offers flexible, customized solutions that meet the needs of each member, regardless of operating budget.

The Back Office Cooperative (BOC) improves performance of nonprofits by increasing buying power, delivering expert expense management services, and providing an environment for sharing best practices. The knowledge and savings that BOC generates for members allows them to increase their impact in the communities they serve.

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The Back Office Cooperative solutions include:

Complimentary Expense Management Reviews

Deliver a comprehensive review of expenses and identify a high value plan to help drive your mission.

Group Programs

Provide access to group buying programs. Each developed, managed, and evolving to meet the unique needs of our members. Learn more »

Procurement Services

Introduce leading industry experts to analyze current expenses, understand key requirements, and source solutions that meet quality and service objectives.


Offer solution-minded guidance to ensure the success of each organization’s specific goals.

“BOC helped us to decrease waste removal costs by securing a lower cost contract leveraged by their higher volume usage. BOC is just a great organization helping its members with cost saving efforts, and I highly encourage anyone to explore membership with them.”

Kara Teeple, CEO, Lawrence Hall

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