The Back Office Cooperative (BOC) and National Able Network are excited to announce the merging of our operations as of January 2024. This merger comes after more than a year of planning and oversight from the Board of Directors and leadership from both organizations to ensure the best possible future and positive financial impact for nonprofits.

BOC was originally founded to create scale and reduce back-office expenses for the nonprofit community. Since then, BOC has grown significantly, providing millions in savings to participating nonprofits. We are now ready to take BOC to a new level of growth, program offerings, increased savings, and value for the national community.

National Able Network, Inc. is a leading national workforce development non-profit organization. The Able mission advances workforce solutions and career pathways for an equitable future. These services provide employment opportunities for individuals as well as workforce solutions for companies. National Able Network has also been providing back-office support to non-profit partners for more than a decade through its Non-Profit Advisors initiative.

Together, BOC and National Able Network have more than 15 overhead cost categories. Combining operations gives us the ability to significantly increase value for nonprofits of all sizes and missions. The Back Office Cooperative will operate as a subsidiary of National Able Network, with no interruption in the use of services and the immediate added value of our ability to eliminate annual member dues starting in 2024.

We look forward to continuing our work as we introduce additional opportunities and enhancements to the portfolio of available services and resources for those we are serving. Visit our website for updates or feel free to email us at with any questions.