Saving More Means Doing More.

The Back Office Cooperative (BOC) was founded in 2008 by a group of Chicago nonprofits who understood the power of creating scale in purchasing. As a social enterprise, BOC seeks to maximize member organization’s impact by promoting financial sustainability through expense reduction. Today, we provide flexible solutions for nonprofits of any size across the country, delivering millions of dollars annually back to the nonprofit sector.

BOC saves you time and money through our complimentary expense management analysis and strategic planning. Cost reduction is achieved by joining the group purchase programs, or utilizing the specialized procurement services in over 30 individual expense areas. BOC Members have expert procurement staff whenever and wherever you need them, freeing up staff time to focus on their core jobs.

Our proven process reduces expenses by increasing buying power, streamlining vendors, and reducing procurement and supplier management costs. That’s more money for your mission!

“Through our BOC membership, the YWCA has been able to free up crucial resources to devote to our programs and services. I can’t recommend it enough!”

Dorri McWhorter, CEO, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

Our process is simple to help you save time.


Develop a high-value plan designed to respect valued supplier relationships, support organizational culture, and meet product and service requirements.


Implement solutions that maximize cost savings, improve efficiencies, and/or provide comprehensive back office support.


Ensure financial stability and sustainability via knowledge transfer, hands-on project management, benchmarking of success, and continual program oversight.


Build a community that fosters leadership collaboration, continual learning, and community support

Board of Directors

Joe Vanyo
NFP Executive (Chair)

Christine Scott
CFO, Youth Guidance (Treasurer)

George Czerwionka
Director of Finance, ChildServ

Clare Golla
Advisor, Bernstein Wealth Management

Denis Hurley
Retired CFO, Metropolitan Family Services

Dottie Johnson
CFO, Chicago Commons

Jim Lewis
Senior Program Officer, Chicago Community Trust (ex officio)

David McConnell
Senior Consultant, Mission Plus Strategy Consulting

Sharon McFeders
Chief Operations & Member Experience Officer, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

Mike Murray
President (Retired), Recycled Greetings

Chris Nordloh
CFO, One Hope United

John W. Pfeiffer
Partner, Open Door Advisors


Linda Zager
President & Chief Executive Officer

Grace Holland
Sales & Operations Coordinator

Anthony Ruth
Director of Marketing & Communications

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